An Engagement Announcement to Remember

Now that the two of you have made things official – if you haven’t already immediately screamed it from the mountaintops – now is a good time to contemplate how to break the great news to your closest family and friends. There are a myriad of ways to do this, so before your head begins to swim, take a moment to think about the type of couple you are. What type of things do you hold dear and what has been the theme of your relationship thus far? Have you been known as the fun and quirky couple, the conservative couple, the unpredictable couple, the smart and sensible couple? The purpose of this reflection is to realize there’s no pressure to have a grandiose engagement announcement if that’s not your collective style.

Some ideas to consider are:

  • A specialized photo shoot for the occasion. Some elect to keep the great news among a select few and to save the major announcement for later. Consider hiring a professional photographer (or a good friend with a great eye and a nice camera) to take some scenic photos with cute signs or a romantic setting.

  • Wait until the next big family gathering. If you have the willpower, waiting until the next celebratory gathering or major holiday is a simple way to make your announcement. The benefit of this is having all of the people you love most in one place at a time, making it much easier (and exciting) to break the great news. This will call for a double celebration and more memories for this special time in your lives.

  • Throw an impromptu engagement party. Invite friends over for an informal party without telling them any details. This option keeps your cost low and puts you in control of how the announcement will be made.

  • Share photos of the event on social media or a shared photo website. This option provides a more general and simpler way of sharing the news. It takes care of the stress of planning an event and is a great way to show the details of the event – if you’re lucky enough to have some photos of the big day.

  • Launch a wedding website. If you plan to have a wedding website, what better way to debut it than by sharing the details of event that made it all possible? Wedding websites are much easier to start and maintain than you may think. Websites like wire and allow you to upload photos, music and other features in a simple format. Wedding websites are a great way to share photos, keep in contact with family and friends and keep track of ideas and concepts for the wedding.

Regardless of which route you choose to announce your engagement, remember to keep this first step of your amazing journey light and fun and to embrace all of the love and support that is surely coming your way!

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